Client Context

Large metropolitan city was looking for data-driven recommendations on how to allocate funds to better ensure the resiliency of the city's food ecosystem (availability, distribution, storage, etc.), and manage risk due to potential terrorist activity and/or natural disasters.

Uptown Solution

  • Uptown Advisory Group implemented an extensive field data acquisition campaign, including primary data collection from food vendors, suppliers, and distributors/transporters.
  • Uptown Advisory Group also created a risk model, identifying areas of vulnerability within the system and ranking them by severity.

Client Benefits

  • Client was able to effectively prioritize issues and allocate funds accordingly to address and mitigate high-impact risks within the city's food ecosystem, i.e. bolstering key transportation nodes/hubs.
  • Client also developed a far more robust understanding of issues facing businesses within the system and was able to dedicate resources toward mitigating other previously unconsidered areas of risk.